Student Research in History

Recent history student research and conference presentations.

Students in the History Department have the opportunity to attend and present at a variety of regional and national research conferences.

National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)

At University of Wisconsin-La Crosse


  • Manjot Khehra – “British Religious Attitudes Before 1622”
  • Jennifer Lin – “How the Spanish Colonization Model Nearly Destroyed Early Jamestown”


  • Bianca Levaglia – “True Agency or True Womanhood: The Struggle of Female Slaves to Gain Recognition as Women and Power as Individuals” (awarded Outstanding Undergraduate Oral Presentation in the Arts and Humanities)
  • Frank Smith – “From Shackles to the Patent Office: Skilled Slaves and Slave Craftsmen”


  • Elina Kats: “Enduring Spirits: Evolution of Protestant Missionary Attitudes Toward Ancestor Worship in 20th Century China”


  • Ashley Casella, “Far More Terrible For Women: An Examination of Female Slave Stereotypes, their Origins, and their Implications among Post-Bellum and Ante-Bellum Female Slave Narratives”

  • Jennifer Cohen, “Sex Discrimination Against Women in Academia”

  • Stelios Karakonstantis, “Kung Fu and Health: Bridging the Gap Between Practice and History”

  • Elina Kats, “Dissecting the Western Gaze Toward Chinese Medicine: From Superstition to Science”

  • Marissa Wolf, “Journey to the West: A Valuable Teaching Tool for Learning about Chinese Culture”


Phi Alpha Theta Northeast Regional Conference

At Ramapo College of New Jersey

  • David M. Campmier – “Dennis H. Mahan and William T. Sherman: Tactical, Strategic, and Logistical Thought and its Application”
    Best Paper Award Winner

  • Bianca M. LaVeglia – “True Power or True Womanhood: the Struggles of Female Slaves to Gain Recognition as Women and Power”
    Best Paper Award Winner

    See Bianca speak about her presentation experiences, as well as her study abroad and internship experiences and her current employment.

Recent history student publications.

Students in the History department have also successfully submitted research they have done in our departmental seminars for publication.

The undergraduate history journal, Visions and Revisions (Department of History and Anthropology, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania) will be publishing papers by: 

  • Samatha Rescigno – “Powerless Resistance: The American Slave as a Subaltern,” which was done in Prof. Cristina Zaccarini’s Sophomore Seminar on the History of Slavery

  • Emily Meritz – “Loyal until the End: The Changes of Chinese Perspectives on Female Suicide in the Context of Marriage Choice,” which was done in Prof. Cristina Zaccarini’s course on “Gender in Modern China”


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